Personal and family protection dogs

Personal and family protection dogs are becoming increasingly more popular amongst families, especially those who have suffered from a violent attack in public or at home, and those who have seen first-hand how the damage these attacks can affect people’s lives.

Family protection dogs are the perfect in-between that can be family dogs but are also trained to act fast and attack anyone who is approaching your family in a threatening way. They are social and well-trained dogs that are able to provide maximum protection for their owners and family.

A1K9 family protection dog Buddy

Concerns often raised

A concern people sometimes have with personal and family protection dogs is that they are violent and unfriendly, can’t be kept in the house and shouldn’t be around children.  However, there are many companies that can demonstrate that these assumptions are far from the truth.

Many people feel threatened and scared with the crime rates and risks of home invasions increasing all the time. Having a personal and family protection dog is the perfect solution – protect your home and family whilst also gaining a new family member who will provide the perfect combination of security, protection, and affection.

Benefits of having a protection dog

There are many benefits to consider and think about when deciding whether to get a personal protection dog. They are very vigorously trained to a high standard so they are able to complete the best security service, unlike any technology system you can buy from the shop. They are taught to act in protection mode on command but also remain calm and like a normal family pet for the most part of the time. They offer endless affection, giving you the loyal companion every family need whilst also giving you the peace of mind and security that if any potentially threatening situation were to occur, you have your personal and family protection nearby to shield and defend you.

Protection dogs are often shortlisted to ensure that the best dog for you is selected to fit in with your family. Whether you have a young family or other pets, the excellent highly experienced staff who you’re dealing with, will be able to hand select the right dog to be the latest addition to your family.